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Oscar Family & Carin Family
"SrilankaEcotrekking" We are very pleased to inform you that this Eco trekking with you is very remembered in my life. So we are understand Eco trekking mission, as provided to hospitality service. This trekking is very important for me, as we traveled Nature to Nature. Your program and your system was very good very polite. We are very happy with your curtsy and your friendly behavior. Thank you very much for 10 days enjoyed.(trekking, Camping, and Eco lodge.) Anil Our life time never forget your Camping barbecue and Cocktail. we hope, We will come to join again with trekking tour in Sri Lanka.(16/04/2014)
Margeri Carman
We have visited so many countries in Our life, but never thought about sharing Our experience on the net. The reason we still do it now is that our latest destination was Sri Lanka, more precisely Knuckles Mountain Range, where we met someone who made our holiday even more memorable. Specially Nature. we would like to say thanks here for Anil Weerakoon, our biologist in Sri Lanka. we are sure whoever Qualified guide us from one place to another we enjoy the country and the sights, but I am pretty sure with Anil we enjoyed a lot more. He explained specially fauna and flora From the Knuckles. As a real professional Nature guide lecture, but we will never forget those days and Anil never-ending smile. Have a nice trip to all of you! (05/02/2014)